35 Color Clear Top Palette

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Our Sienna Blaire 35 color eyeshadow palette is made up of a variety warm tone colors. This palette is designed with a clear top to display the gorgeous shades. At Sienna Blaire, we use only the highest quality ingredients, so no matter your skin moisture level, our eyeshadow won’t run and will look fresh all day long. We use high quality minerals oils which hold a beautiful long-lasting pigment. Our palettes make shadows easy to apply and simple to blend. They are packaged in an elegant slim-fit compact cases. This palettes include browns, taupe, tan, purples, oranges, pinks and silver. The colors range from vibrant browns, to warm neutral tones, and deep purples that are perfect for that everyday natural application or for a fun night out. Great for Weddings, parties or photo shoots, and are perfect for creating a smoky eye look. These 35 exquisite shades are designed to create soft and sensual or high fashion looks.